1) Speed Logic branded products - we will include FREE Shipping for our T-Shirts and Downpipes for a Limited Time. Inquire for a Coupon Code!

2) Walnut Shell Blasting for N54 and N55 Vehicles - ($200-250)

3) Valve Cover Gasket Replacement for N54 Engines w/ Genuine OEM BMW Gasket - ($380)


5) ECU Unlock for E-Series N55 Vehicles - ($300)

6) OEM BMW Stock Turbo Replacement for N54 Vehicles (Applies to 1 Series & 3 Series Vehicles only) - ($2900)

7) Pure Turbo Stage 2 N54 Turbo Upgrades - (As low as $3300 - Please inquire for exact pricing for your needs)

8) Pure Turbo Stage 2 N55 Turbo Upgrades (Applies to both E-Series and F-Series vehicles) - (As low as $3500 - Please inquire for exact pricing for your needs)

Speed Logic offers competitive pricing on a continual basis for each and every Service we offer our clients and customers. We often take that one step further and offer Special pricing - to extend our hand out to the community which has helped our business continue to grow. All special pricing includes all Parts & Labor required for the job and may only apply to specific vehicles. Listed above is the list of current Special pricing we have available and Starting prices without additional options and packages. We are happy to help with any these Specials and any other Services you may need while your vehicle is at our shop! These specials won't last long, so it's best that you move quick! 


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