KW Coilover Kit DDC ECU 2011+ BMW 1 Series M Coupe

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The KW DDC ECU (Dynamic Damping Control Electronic Control Unit) coilover kits were developed for individual ride height customization and the installation of an electronic damping control system. The coilovers consist of a KW inox-line coilover kit that is equipped with electronically controlled dampers, a separate ECU for the dampers and application specific wire harness & control switch. Each set also includes a step-by step installation manual for easy install..

The KW DDC coilover kit has three different damper settings developed specifically for each application. By the push of a button the driver can choose between the Sport setup, a very Sporty and performance-oriented Sport + setup and the Comfort mode for un-even/poor road surfaces.

Front Lowering Range: .4-1.4"

Front Lowering Range: .2-1"