Our Team

Speed Logic Automotive is an automotive performance shop that offers a wide variety of automotive related needs. We take pride in the work our technicians perform and are confident that our work ethic cannot be matched. Our roots and inspiration began from working on street performance vehicles – but over time this has expanded to various automotive performance exhibitions including drag racing, autocross, track, and roll-on racing competition events. We are heavily focused on Turbocharged BMWs, but are happy to take on many different projects or platforms. We are proud and happy to provide the finest in BMW Performance modifications, service and installations!


Meet our team of talented Technicians at Speed Logic:

 -Rob Patel (Shop Owner):

Rob P. (Shop Owner)


-Sidney Sourivong (Lead Technician):

Sidney Sourivong

Contact Us: 

 Phone: (888) 564-4215

 Email: info@speedlogicauto.com