ECU Unlock for Tuning with MHD, BM3, MG Flasher or ECUTek

How the Process Works:

Whether you are local within Southern California and come to our shop for an ECU Unlock - or you are from another State/Country and end up mailing in your ECU. The process works the exact same way once we have your ECU in our hands. We setup the ECU on our Bench Flash setup - using either KTAG or bFlash - in order to gain access to the ECU. Once we have access, we modify the original file to allow the ECU to be read/written from the OBD Port on your vehicle without issues. Once this process is completed, you are able to flash your choice of software on the vehicle without worrying about being blocked from the OBD Port in regards to Read/Write communication.


Why would I need to get my ECU Bench Unlocked:

Short answer; In order to Tune your vehicle if you have a late model ECU or have received a Software update from BMW/Toyota!

Sometimes the Software on these newer ECUs will be updated when the vehicle is taken in to BMW/Toyota for Service, Recall, or Warranty work. In these cases if the vehicle is updated to the latest software they will generally lock the user our from Tuning the vehicle via the OBD Communications Port. You can confirm this by using Bootmod3, MHD and checking support for your specific vehicle. If your vehicle required a Bench Unlock then you will need this service in order to Tune (or Retune) your vehicle.

Some vehicles with the Bosch MG1 or MD1 ECU have began getting OTA (Over The Air) software updates from BMW/Toyota. These OTA updates bring the Software to the latest version but unfortunately lock many users out of Tuning their vehicles.

*Note: We recommend all users to turn off OTA Updates to prevent any software getting updated - which may or may not require the vehicle to be ECU Bench Unlocked again*


Which ECU/Vehicles does this process apply to:

  • Toyota Supra A90 with Bosch MG1 ECU dated 05/2020 or Earlier
  • BMW F-Series vehicles with ECU dated 05/2020 or Earlier
    • BMW M240i or M240i xDrive
    • BMW M340i or M340i xDrive (F30 Chassis)
    • BMW M540i
  • BMW G-Series vehicles with ECU dated 05/2020 or Earlier
    • BMW M240i (
    • BMW M340i or M340i xDrive (G20 Chassis)


Which Tunes does the ECU Unlock process work for:

  • MHD Flasher Tune
  • Bootmod3 by ProTuningFreaks
  • MG Flasher
  • ECUTek


Shipping: If you are not Local to our shop within Southern California we can still help! This would require removal of your ECU by yourself, and shipping it to our shop within

Cost: $350 including Next-Day Air Shipping back to Client


Local: If you are local to our shop in Southern California - you can visit our shop to get your ECU Unlocked. We can take appointments for this service from Monday-Saturday and get you taken care of within the same day.

Cost: $350-$400

Availability: Monday-Saturday during business hours. Give our team a call to get scheduled today!