Speed Logic Products

FREE SHIPPING for ALL Speed Logic Products on orders over $100 within USA for a Limited Time!*

We are proud to introduce the Speed Logic line of Performance products for your BMW. Our team has worked diligently to design each product while keeping Performance, Flow, and Fitment in mind for our clients. We start by analyzing the Stock OEM Product for each application - our team then reverse engineers the bungs, sensor flanges, connection points through a 3D Design process. We then spend time Fabricating a jig to allow each item to have a reference - and begin spending hours Welding up samples and prototypes that fit within the space of the vehicle engine compartment. After finding the best balance between Sizing, Flow, Fitment etc. We then take our prototype out for Road and Track testing. We test our prototype products through 1/4 Drag Racing, Circuit Road Course & 1/2 Mile Airstrip testing to ensure they are up for the task. All our products ensure long-term reliability and quality - we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on each our products to back this up.

Shipping Method: USPS Postal Service, UPS or FedEx within 1-2 days of purchase

LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Speed Logic products carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY to be free of defects, fitment issues, etc. We stand by our products and they are Track tested prior to any sales or being listed on our website