Pure Turbos Upgraded Turbos

Looking for Pure Turbos Upgraded Turbo Options?

We are proud to offer the Pure Turbos product line of Turbo upgrades - including Stage 1 and Stage 2 style upgrades. They offer a wide variety of Turbo upgrades that are easily able to hit the power goals for many Makes and Model vehicles. We work closely with Pure Turbos since they are local to Southern California and provide high quality wear-matched and balanced components. They have a reputation for building the most proven turbo upgrades in the industry. In addition, by joining forces with Pure Turbos we are able to offer these Upgrades installed at a price that no other shop in Southern California can compete with due to our strong relationship. Come find out why these turbos have been making all the buzz within our community!

What Vehicle Makes and Models do you offer Pure Turbos for?

  • BMW M2, M2 Competition, M2 CS
  • BMW M3, M4, GTS
  • BMW M5, M6
  • BMW M8
  • BMW 1 Series: 135i, 135is, 1M
  • BMW 3 Series: 335i, 335xi, 335is
  • BMW 5 Series: 535i, 535xi
  • BMW Z4
  • Toyota Supra: A90 & A91 Chassis
  • Mercedes Benz C63S
  • Mercedes Benz E63S
  • Mercedes Benz AMG, AMG GT
  • McLaren 570S, 600LT & 650S
  • McLaren 720S
  • Any other Year/Model vehicle you may own!

Which Engines/Models do you offer Pure Turbos for?

  • BMW N54 Engines
  • BMW N55 Engines
  • BMW S55 Engines
  • BMW S58 Engines
  • BMW S63 Engines
  • BMW B58 Engines
  • BMW N20 Engines
  • BMW N63 Engines
  • Mercedes Benz M157/158 Engines
  • Mercedes Benz M133 Engines
  • McLaren M838T/M840T Engines
  • Any other Engine you may own!


What is Included Standard for Pure Turbos Installations?

  • Pure Turbo Upgraded Turbo(s)
  • Liquimoly or Motul Engine Oil (Standard for Upgraded Turbos)
  • OEM Turbo Installation Kit (All required Gaskets, Seals, O-rings, etc)
  • OEM Oil Filter
  • OEM Coolant & Distilled Water
  • Full 1-year Warranty on all Parts & Labor


What Price am I looking at to go with Pure Turbos?

Our prices for these Upgrades simply cannot be beat and we stand by it. We offer a Price Match guarantee and will be happy to beat other local and reputable shops. We are willing to do what it takes to earn your business. If you have found a cheaper deal or "special" elsewhere for these Turbos, please reach out and we will be sure to beat any competitor pricing as a means to earn your business. For accurate pricing and estimates - please reach out to us directly through Direct Message, Phone, or Email. Our pricing is so low that we are unable to share it publicly. 

Package 1 - Pure Turbos N54 Stage 2 DD Model (Daily Driver) - which are capable of ~600hp @ Call for pricing
Package 2 - Pure Turbos N54 Stage 2 HF Model (High Flow) - which are capable of ~700hp @ Call for pricing

Package Add-Ons:
(+INLETS) - We recommend Upgraded Turbo Inlets during Turbo Installation
(+OUTLETS) - We recommend Upgraded Turbo Outlets during Turbo Installation

Package 1 - Pure Turbos N55 Stage 2 - which is capable of ~550hp @ Call for pricing

Package Add-ons:
(+INLET) We recommend Turbo Inlet Upgrade during Turbo Installation
(+DV or +BOV) - We recommend a DV Upgrade or BOV Upgrade during Turbo Installation


Package 1 - Pure Turbos S55 Stage 2 - which is capable of ~700hp @ Call for pricing
Package 2 - Pure Turbos S55 Stage 2+ HF Model (High Flow) - which are capable of ~800hp @ Call for pricing


Package 1 - Pure Turbos B58 Pure 800 - which is capable of ~800hp @ Call for pricing
Package 1 - Pure Turbos S58 Stage 2 HF (High Flow) - which is capable of ~800hp @ Call for pricing