Active Autowerke BMW N55 Charge Pipe 2011-2012 BMW 135i / 335i (N55)

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2011 - BMW E8X 135i with N55 engine
2011 - BMW E9X 335i with N55 engine

Active Autowerke is familiar with some of the unique issues that 2011 and newer N55 BMW 135i, 335i and 535i owners experience even running with the factory BMW boost.

The BMW N55 utilizes an all plastic construction for the factory charge pipe. 

This charge pipe will eventually break, it is just a matter of time and when. Whenever the factory charge pipe break at the plastic seam, the engine immediately senses a huge vacuum leak where the engine ECU counters by sending the engine into a LIMP MODE condition. 
Usually, the car's performance will feel dimished and lack luster as if running without a proper firing cylinder.  

The Active Autowerke N55 Charge Pipe is a designated product designed from inception to cure and eliminate this problem on your BMW.
Constructed from all aluminum makes this charge pipe almost indestructible. 
The connection to the throttle body is a CNC machined part to duplicate the factory fit as well making a tight, reliable seal.   

Added features were also implemented to further enhance the BMW N55 performance.  A large 3.00 inch all aluminum tubing would be the size used without any restrictions or reduced pipe sizes. This would enhance the airflow and peformance.  

Owners of BMW with the N55 engine understands that additional power can be reliably maintained with the use of Water/Methanol injection as an added feature. However, the N55 current does not have a reliable source to accommodate the application of a Water/Methanol nozzles.

The Active Autowerke N55 Charge Pipe has a proper proviison for this specific application.  A boss with two separate ports are provided upstream where the injected mix of water/methanol can properly atomize before entering the engine. The thread depths for the water/metahnol nozzles are also checked to allow for a proper spray pattern without hitting the inside walls of the threaded holes.         

The BMW N55 engine does not utilize external diverter valves like it's N54 predecessor. Rather, the BMW N55 has diverter valves that are built inside the engine turbo compressor housings and no in the charge pipe.  As such, there are no provisions to add larger BOVs.              


  • Specific design to correct a problem
  • Consistent 3.00" tubing for increased performance   
  • Increase throttle response and decrease throttle lag
  • CNC machined throttle housing for a poper seal
  • Retains factory BMW O-Ring seal 
  • Provision of raised boss for 2 Water/Methanol nozzles
  • BLACK powder coated for that OEM look


The factory throttle clip is not included with the N55 Charge Pipe