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Availability:  Kits are built to order and usually take 6 weeks to ship. 

*  Kits are now being shipped with cast exhaust manifolds only.  Tubular versions are no longer available.  

Dyno sheet shows the car on an EFR9174 on 33psi tune by Motiv MotorSports.  Only other mod on this car besides the turbo kit is a Dorch stage 1 HPFP, Precision Raceworks port injection kit controlled by Motiv Reflex.  

Ceramic Coating:  If you would like us to add your logo to the coating please email your logo to or you can add a text in the notes at checkout and we will add it to the downpipe when coating. 

 Turbo horsepower rating:

  • EFR8374- 700whp
  • EFR8474- 750whp
  • EFR9174- 800whp
  • EFR9180-850whp
  • EFR9280- 900whp

 Features of our turbo kit:

  • Uses Borg Warner EFR Turbo (Engineered For Racing).  We use the best turbo on the market today.  Do not be fooled by other companies that use cheap overseas made turbos to cut cost.  DOC Race uses the best brands because we know our customers demand the best!  
  • Integrated OEM wastegate actuator.  No messing around with external wastegates with vacuum lines that could potentially melt!  We all know what a headache it can be working with tuners that can't code out faults related to aftermarket wastegates.  Our kit uses the OEM wastegate actuator so your DME (ECU) won't even detect you have an aftermarket turbo kit installed.
  • Use off the shelf (OTS) tuning maps.  You can use MHD maps just like you would with a stock turbo.  We have tested OTS maps on our development car and it runs flawlessly.  Although we always recommend getting your car tuned by your tuner you can always run OTS maps to get you by.
  • 3.5" stainless downpipe.
  • Use of a shorty air filter.

Turbo kit consists of:

Turbo Manifold and Hardware

EFR Turbo

3.5" Stainless Downpipe and V-band Clamp

Chargepipes from Throttle Body to Turbo

Couplers/ Clamps

Wastegate Actuator Bracket and Hardware

Turbo Coolant Fittings

-6an Turbo Coolant Lines

Coolant Fitting Block Adapters

-4an Stainless Oil Feed line

Oil Feed Block Adapter

Turbo Oil Drain Flange and Gasket

Turbo Oil Drain Line

PCV System

Air Filter


Things to consider purchasing before install:

  • OEM Manifold Gasket part # 11657643149
  • PTP Turbo Blanket part # (FPRO35-060-03)
  • Exhaust Wrap
  • Tuning done by Motiv Motorsports which can be purchased here