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Availability:  Kits are built to order and usually take 6 weeks to ship. 

*  Kits are now being shipped with cast exhaust manifolds only.  Tubular versions are no longer available.

*This kit will work with PTE only.  Please do not try to adapt this kit with any other turbo or you will be faced with horrible fitment issues. 

This B58 kit was developed after numerous requests to offer a kit with external dump tubes (screamer pipes) and a Precision turbo.  Our previous kit included an Borg Warner EFR turbo which was a really good turbo and made lots of power but over the years have been extremely difficult to keep in stock.  On top of that they are super expensive turbos!  So what we ended up doing is taking the kit and remodeling it completely.  This newly developed kit now uses a turbo from Precision (PTE) and adding a pair of Turbosmart wastegates along with what the market calls screamer pipes (external dump tubes, aka vroom vroom).   This combination has already seen huge success in our B58 Supra turbo kit so we knew it was just a matter of making everything fit.  Months of redevelopment and testing to bring you the best value turbo kit. 

Why this kit is the best value on the market?  Stainless oil drain line, OEM fit and finish, all ports on manifold are matched perfectly with the engine and turbo, nylon tubing for wastegate connection (others use silicone vacuum line), true twin scroll for increase boost response, 2 Turbosmart wastegates for optimal boost control, (2) 1.75” dump tubes (screamer pipes), 3.5” stainless downpipe, turbo blanket, all parts coated to protect against heat and corrosion.  Once you add up all these parts and features that others don’t offer there is no question hands down  this is the best value B58 turbo kit on the market today. 

Which turbo is right for you? 

  • 6266 is a fast spooling turbo that will make full boost around 3000rpms.  This is the perfect turbo for anyone that is concerned about turbo lag. The best thing about this turbo is that even though it is a fast spooling turbo it is still able to make 700+whp.  
  • 6466 will be a little laggier than the 6266 but we feel this is the perfect turbo for the B58.  The B58 has such a close gear ratio transmission that with the 6466 you will always be in boost outside of first gear.   The only lag you will experience is from a dead stop.  The 6466 turbo is capable of producing 800whp so if you’re working with a really good tuner and want maximum power output from your B58 this is the one!  During development we experienced 15psi of boost at 3000rpms. 
  • 6870 is a 900whp turbo so if you don’t have both a built engine and built transmission this is not for you.  It will be laggy and it will make a lot of power. 
  • 7275 is for the crazies of all crazy.  If you’re looking into this turbo you have already done all your research and don’t need any info from us. 

 ** Bottom engine cover will need to be trimmed to fit the screamer pipes as shown in pictures. 

More info coming soon!  

  • PTE Turbo
  • Turbosmart 40mm wastegates (2)
  • Cast T4 twin scroll exhaust manifold
  • 3.5” stainless downpipe
  • Wastegate dump tubes (2)
  • Charge pipe from turbo to TB (2)
  • Silicone couplers and clamps
  • Stainless oil drain line kit
  • Stainless oil feed line kit
  • Stainless coolant bypass line
  • T4 gasket
  • Turbo studs and nuts 
  • Manifold studs and nuts
  • Exhaust v-band clamp
  • 4” shorty filter
  • Turbo blanket
  • Heat shield
  • 1/4” nylon tubing and fittings (wastegate routing)