KW Coilover Kit DDC Plug & Play BMW 3 Series F30 6 Cyl. w/ EDC Bundle Included

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The KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) Plug & Play coilovers offer electronically adjustable dampers that work with your F22/F30/F32's factory adaptive suspension system. This system utilizes all factory adaptive settings/modes and controls. You retain all the benefits of a full coilover setup without sacrificing your factory adaptive suspension.

The DDCs feature full height adjustability with damper tuning presets designed to work flawlessly with your factory adaptive settings/modes. The dampers are connected to the on-board electronics using your vehicle's original plugs so no special modifications are required.

2015+ BMW 2 series F22, Convertible, 228i, 230i; RWD with EDC
2014+ BMW 2 series F22, Coupe, M235, M240i; RWD with EDC
2015+ BMW 2 series F22, Convertible, M235, M240i; RWD with EDC
2012-2018 BMW 3 series F30 335, 340i; RWD with EDC
2014-2020 BMW 4 series F32 Coupe 435i, 440i; RWD with EDC

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