KW Coilover Kit V3 2019+ BMW 330i Sedan 2WD (G20)

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Front Lowering: 1.6in - 2.4in

Rear Lowering: 1.6in - 2.4in

The KW 352200CJ V3 Coilover Kit is the perfect upgrade for performance-oriented drivers who put a great demand on their suspension. KW Variant 3 coilovers provide more than just the height adjustability of a typical coilover kit. KWs engineers have developed a sporty yet refined setup that allows adjustment of the compression and rebound damping independently of each other. This possibility of individual adjustment is what makes KW Variant 3 "inox-line" coilovers the preferred choice by sports car manufacturers, tuners and drivers worldwide. This individual adjustment enables the enthusiast to directly effect the turn-in characteristics, tracking stability, tire grip, and handling at the vehicle's limits. KW V3 dampers are adjustable in rebound with 16 clicks and compression with 12 clicks to quickly and easily directly influence the handling and comfort of your car. No other coilover kit offers such a large range of damper adjustment.

This kit uses progressive rate front springs which gradually increase spring rate as the spring compresses. This increasing rate allows progressive springs to be soft over small road imperfections and transitions and stiffen up during hard braking and cornering. They are a great compromise between high performance when driving hard, while providing comfortable ride quality during normal driving.

This kit uses linear rate rear springs which provide consistent feedback and control during cornering.

KW V3 Damping Adjustment:
KWs independently adjustable rebound and low speed compression damping provides an extensive range of damper tuning possibilities. KWs patented 12 click compression damping adjuster allows fast and precise compression adjustments by hand. The adjustable compression damping with its twelve exact clicks allows you to manually influence body roll, without having to change the spring rate. The 16 click rebound damping is able to be adjusted via either an integrated adjustment wheel or an included twist-adjustment tool. Increasing the rebound force reduces the body pitch and roll behavior of the vehicle, giving you more stability at increased corner speeds. With the adjustable damping of KW V3s it's easy to influence the steering behavior, directional stability, tire grip, and handling characteristics when driving on the limit.

What does the rebound influence?

Rebound damping directly affects the extending speed of the piston rod, and so also determines how fast the suspension spring expands back to its original position. With the KW Variant 3 coilovers, the driver can adjust rebound via 16 precise clicks. The orifice of the rebound valves can be opened for a softer driving behavior and closed for a tighter setup. A firm but not a hard rebound stroke adjustment avoids rolling and pitching motions. Lowering the rebound damping increases driving comfort.

What does the compression damping affect?

With the KW V3 coilovers it's possible to adjust the low speed compression damping with twelve precise clicks. Compression damping controls the speed of the piston rod during suspension loading. This has a direct impact on body movements and steering behavior. When the compression valves are opened, the compression damping is reduced and the piston rods on the outside struts react at a faster rate when cornering. When the compression damping is increased, the piston rod encounters more resistance to movement and the vehicle acts more stable when steering. The steering behavior gets more precise, the stronger the compression damping is adjusted. A firmer compression stroke adjustment prevents the vehicle from rolling during cornering. Only the low speed damping of the strut is affected by the adjustments, the high speed compression damping is critical for safety and is not variable.

KW 352200CJ V3 Coilover Vehicle Fitment:

2019+ BMW 330i Sedan w/o EDC G20

KW V3 Coilover Manufacturing:
KW V3 coilovers are German made with ISO 9001 Certification and TUV approval.
KW V3 front and rear strut housings are made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance. The KW Stainless Steel housings feature dirt-resistant trapezoidal shaped threads which give a high load tolerance.
KW V3's feature durable threaded height adjustment collars made of a composite polyamide material with stainless steel inserts. KW collars are resistant to damage and combined with stainless housings, make height adjustments easy, even after years of use.
KW springs are produced using special oil tempered spring steel of high strength chrome-silicon (CrSi) and chrome-silicon-vanadium (CrSiV) alloys using a cold coiling process. After coiling, KW springs are tempered, shot peened and preset to ensure consistent vehicle ride height and suspension function. Finally the springs are phosphated and powder coated to ensure a superior corrosion barrier for years of service.