SPEED LOGIC Wheel Spacers for BMW G Series or G Chassis w/ 10 Extended Bolts

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We're proud to present the Speed Logic Wheel Spacers for G-Series BMWs. These will space out your wheels and fill out the wheel arch to give you a more aggressive stance while improve handling and enhancing the look of your BMW.

Speed Logic offers the highest quality build wheel spacers on the market with CNC machined from high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and anodized black for the best protection.

They come in a variety of sizes from 5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm.

Included in the box are a pair of spacers (2) and extended Grade 10 replacement bolts. Two sets will need to be purchased to cover the entire car.

BMW Applications
G chassis BMW only Except for F chassis M5, M8, X2, and X1 (see below)

2 Series G42 2022 - Present 230i, M240i 
3 Series G20 2019 - Present 318d, 320d, 320dX, 320i, 320iX, 325i, 330d, 330dX, 330e, 330i, 330iX, M340i, M340iX, including 2021+ G80 M3
4 Series G82 2021 - Present M4 and all G32 G33 4 Series models 
5 Series G30 / 
G31  2017- Present 518d, 520d, 520dX, 520i, 525d. 530d, 530dX, 530e, 530eX, 530i, 530iX, 540dX, 540i, 540iX, M550dX, M550iX
M5 F90 2018+ M5 and M5 Competition
7 Series G11 / G12  2016- Present 730d, 730dX, 730i, 740i, 745e, 750dX, 750iX
8 Series G14 / 
G15  2018 - Present 840dX. 840i, 840iX, M850iX
M8 F91 F92 F93 M8 and M8 Competition
X3 G01 and X3M and X3M comp F97 2018 - Present
X4 G02  2018 - Present  X4M and X4M comp F98 2018 - Present
X5 G05 2019 - Present
X6 G06 2019 - Present
X7 G07 2019 - Present
Z4 G29  2019 - Present

F Chassis vehicles please note:
2018+ F90 BMW M5 takes G chassis spacers
2020+ F91 F92 F93 BMW M8 takes G chassis spacers
2016+ F48/F49 X1 takes G chassis spacers
2017+ F39 X2 BMW takes G chassis spacers